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In the locksmith industry, many people like to offer discounts, some people don't. Some companies are 24 hours, others are 9 to 5. Some people have a shop where you can go and get keys copied, others are mobile. At Loyalty Locksmith, I Robert, owner of the business will personally cut your keys to code at my location, to exact micrometer, unlike some hardware stores that can demolish your only copy and cost you time and money. Most people behind the key counter have little experience cutting keys, copying keys, or using a tip stop to stop the key from protruding past the tip of the cutter jaw. A good auto key that turns smoothly can only be done by a professional locksmith. I'm not one to talk about prices or scammers because the cost of locksmith tools is going up from inflation and customers are being more thrifty because of economic scarcity. I truly believe that you get what you pay for and a great job usually isn't cheap. Convenience also isn't cheap , being available 24 hours to make a high - security auto key in the middle of the night isn't always the funnest thing to do nor is it the cheapest. So I beg the consumer to read this before ordering service. Yes my service is cheap and affordable and  licensed and trustworthy and convenient and quality, but my service is not lazy slow, temper-mental, or a scam in any way. The real scam of this locksmith industry is the ability for companies to advertise for reputation sites and use scare tactics to gain new clientele. My company is built on honesty, integrity and hard work. I do not wish to receive money unless i have earned it nor do i wish to negotiate a price like a garage sale. My price is my price and that's final. I assure you I have the best competitive pricing and the highest quality of work and reliability. Some people might say one thing about me, but don't believe anything unless you have met me and used my service. Many review sites may have false reviews but we are a 24 hour locksmith service with a shop located at 1660 Park Ave C Napa Ca 94558. We can cut any automobile key including Mercedes, jaguar keys, mini cooper, Audi, Lexus and many more. We have the capability to program and originate new keys. We also do business locks and panic bars, wineries, lock changes , lock malfunction repairs, safes , mailboxes, file cabinets, and pretty much anything with a key and a lock. Motorcycle keys and classic cars are our specialty because nobody in this area can do them but us. Give us a try to re-key your home, make a new key for your vehicle or simply come down to get a spare key copy made, we will be glad to help. - Loyalty Locksmith 707-387-7214

We are Loyalty Locksmith. We are located at 1660 Park Ave # C Napa Ca 94558

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